Anchor Bolts and Other Products for the Construction, Industrial, Utility and Other Industries.

ANCO Fastener Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality, high performance threaded products used in highway construction, energy production and transmission, pole and pylon signage, towers, mechanical, waterworks and other piping, residential foundation, commercial tilt wall and general construction, plumbing, electrical, OEM trailer and other applications.

We Deliver The Standards You Need

ANCO understands the importance of materials and corrosion resistance in today’s construction requirements. Thus, we offer a full line of traceable domestic or import products that meet AASHTO, ASTM, ANSI/ASME and IFI standards.

Custom Manufacturing To Your Requirements

ANCO also offers custom manufacturing for your special requirements. Our manufacturing capabilities include cutting, threading, bending, chamfering, punching, drilling and welding.

Our Products include:

  • Rods- Single & Double End Threaded, Angle Bends
  • Welded Plate Bolts
  • Bent Bolts- “L”, “J”, “U” (round & square). Diameters from 3/8″-4″ – ASTM F-1554 – Grades 36, 50 , 55 & 105. Materials include Plain, Zinc Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Stainless 303 & 316
  • Plastic & Pipe Sleeves

Our Services include:
  • Threading – Roll and cut threading.
  • Bending – Cold bending of all shapes including anchor bolts, U bolts, J bolts and angle bent sag rods.
  • Other Fabrication – Shearing, punching, welding and drilling of plates and plate bolts. Whether a full or tack weld of nut and/or plate washer is required. Cutting and welding of pipe sleeves.
  • Coatings – Hot dipped galvanizing, zinc plating, epoxy powder coating. etc. are furnished to meet the required ASTM specification.[/list]

ANCO Fastener Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of anchor bolts and other threaded products used in: 

  • building construction
  • tilt wall construction
  • highway construction
  • tower & light pole securing
  • mechanical & general piping
  • plumbing & electrical
  • OEM trailer & other industries

Not all Anchor Bolts are Anchor Bolts!

There are a few things you need to watch out for in imported and even some domestic manufactured bolts. For instance, light pole bolts typically have a steel requirement that the Chinese and other imports don’t supply. Bolt specification requirements are 55,000 PSI steel and imports are typically only 36,000 PSI. That’s a huge difference when it comes to wind load capacity.

Know before you buy. Not all vendors supply the full requirement you might need.

Contact ANCO to discuss your needs!